Work Continues

The beautiful Fall weather continues to help the restoration efforts at Liberty Hall.  The rotten timber framing has now been replaced with new wood; the windows have been repaired and are back at the site; and the reconstructed weather vane is complete (for pictures, see Gallery).  

The north side of Liberty Hall (top picture) has been scraped and is ready for painting.  

Work is continuing on the south east corner of the building to repair the rot (lower picture).  

More pictures coming soon!

10 01 09 North Side Ready for  Painting.jpg

10 01 09 Repairing Rot on South East Corner.jpg
Belvedere Restoration

Given the poor condition of Liberty Hall's elaborate belvedere, it has not been possible to restore its original wooden frame. A duplicate is currently being made off-site at the workshop of Michael Hewes.  The original decorative features, however, are in good shape.  These have now been removed from the old belvedere and will be taken to the workshop where they will be attached to the new wooden frame.

For more pictures of the Phase 2 restoration process, see Gallery.     

09 14 09 Belvedere with trim removed.jpg

091409 Trim from Belvedere.jpg
Window and door restoration

Progress continues to be made on Liberty Hall.  A good deal of the work is being carried out off-site.  The windows and doors that have been removed from the south side of the building are currently being repaired and primed at the workshop of Highland Window Works.  Once this work is completed, they will be painted in "Cocoa Brown". The color is a match taken from a sample of the original paint found at Liberty Hall.

For more pictures of the wood restoration work go to Gallery.





Phase 2 Restoration 


Phase 2 of the restoration of Liberty Hall began on August 10th 2009.  Overseen by the architect, John Turk and the Maine Historic, the work is being carried out by Consigli Contracting and is expected to last until mid-November.  Its focus is the complete renovation of the building's exterior -- including restoring the intricately carved belvedere tower; removing and repairing damaged clapboards; removing, repairing, and reinstalling decorative wood trim; painting and restoring windows;  repairing and restoring the original doorways, and exterior painting of the structure’s wood surfaces.

August 2009



Staging has been completed and the windows on the south side have sent away for repair.   The condition of the building is undergoing full assessment by the architect, engineer and the contractor. Clapboards have been removed to reveal the state of the wood sills and structural framing. Particular attention is being paid to the building's four corners, with the south east corner showing the most damage (see Gallery).


September 2009


LH staging.jpg

Corner rot.jpg
Major Gift Received

The Friends of Liberty Hall have received a gift of $150,000 to restore historic Liberty Hall in Machiasport.  The gift was made by Warren D. (Chip) and Judy Knowlton and was announced by David Freedberg, President of the Friends of Liberty Hall, the organization that in partnership with the Town of Machiasport, is seeking to reclaim the landmark as a cultural and community center

 “Judy and I are extremely pleased to be able to help in such a terrific effort.  Liberty Hall is a place which should be cherished,” Warren Knowlton said.

“In 1873, a group of people decided to make a statement about the future of Machiasport when they built Liberty Hall.  The restoration of Liberty Hall reaffirms that vision, and will strengthen our town by re-establishing a gathering place that provides an important sense of continuity with the past.  We hope this gift will inspire others to save a place that has played such a central role in shaping our community.”

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